Aug 08
NKD ist „Kundenliebling 2016 – ­Beliebteste Marke“

NKD is “Kundenliebling 2016 – Beliebteste Marke”

The study „Kundenliebling“ was conducted in cooperation with Deutschland Test and Focus-Money by the Cologne analysis and consulting firm ServiceValue. It is the largest study on brand strength from consumer point of view. The web monitoring tool “Web Analyzer” was used to determine the Kundenlieblinge in Germany. This tool investigated tens of thousands of online news and over one million social media sources, according to 1.000 brands from 82 industries. The data was collected over the period from January to December 2015. The statements were evaluated in the categories price, service, quality and reputation.

The evaluation shows, that the customer does not only want to buy at a reasonable price, but is also very quality-conscious.

With more than 370.000 Facebook fans, NKD is the pioneer of the textile discounters and was able to reach the top spot thanks to the positive customer feedback on the web.