The NKD Group

The financial investment company TDR Capital is the main shareholder in the companies in the NKD Group:

  • NKD Holdings GmbH, with its headquarters in Bindlach, coordinates and manages the activities of the NKD Group.
  • NKD Deutschland GmbH manages sales in the roughly 1,800 German stores.
  • NKD Services GmbH supervises all country subsidiaries at an administrative level, i.e. it is responsible for purchasing, sales, and quality control, as well as marketing, IT and logistics. It has developed the expansion strategy for NKD Deutschland GmbH and organises matters such as human resources administration and accounting.
  • NKD Österreich Holding GmbH, with its headquarters in Upper Austrian Wels, coordinates and manages national activities in Austria, Italy Slovenia and Croatia. The stores in Austria have been part of the NKD Group since 1995.
  • Sun Fortune Ltd. is in charge of sourcing and order tracking in all important purchasing markets and is on site in Hong Kong, Bangladesh and China.