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NKD is the local provider in clothing retail and is therefore just a stone’s throw away from its customers. It is continuously expanding its store network with appealing locations in Germany and Central Europe, meaning that NKD already has a visible presence, particularly in Germany and Austria.

  • Germany: since 1962, approx. 1,300 stores
  • Central Europe (Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia): around 500 stores

Branch search

Has the offer in our online shop made you curious? Have you discovered something in our advertising prospectus what you would absolutely like to have? Or would like you to take once a nice shopping stroll in one of our stores? Where is the next NKD branch in your nearness in which you could rummage and try, you ask yourselves? Our easy online branch search helps you here fast.

Please, brag first in which country you search a NKD branch. Then you give in the input field the exact zip code or the name of your place of residence. Then you receive the exact addresses of all NKD branches completely in your nearness.

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    continuously open
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NKD systematically invests in making sure its stores look appealing and presenting its product range in an attractive way. NKD stores are continuously being modernised and win customers over with:

  • their bright, modern interiors
  • new cash register systems plus wireless internet connections
  • improved technical processes and equipment
  • new LED lighting and audio systems
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