NKD is looking for store locations throughout Italy that meet the following requirements:


  • Cities or district centres with populations of at least 3,000 and good infrastructure.


  • Inner city: central locations or locations that adjoin residential areas near other shops.
  • Commercial areas: small malls with an attractive mix of segments in locations with good traffic connections.


  • Sales area : approx. 300 m² to 450 m² on the ground floor
  • Shop width: at least 10 m
  • Street sales: at least 3 m²
  • Ancillary rooms: approx. 50 m² (staffroom, toilet and storage)

Please send your offer by providing the following information:

  • address
  • map
  • floor plan
  • rental offer

We would like to emphasise that presenting an offer/a property does not mean that a brokerage contract has been concluded.


directly via the online exposé:


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