Market position & target groups

By positioning itself as a local retailer for the whole family, NKD is deliberately opening up new prospects for growth. The stores’ selected locations and the appeal of their full product ranges are what make NKD stand out from the competition, helping it to grow profitably in the long term. For example in 2022, NKD achieved annual sales of EUR 794 million.

NKD will continue to expand its network of stores in Germany and Central Europe, and its product range in the future as well. NKD is also tapping into the sales potential of successfully developing its eCommerce distribution channel.

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Customer profile

NKD’s customers are predominantly women aged between 30 and 64. The majority of them work and have families. They do not have a lot of time due to the range of different tasks that they perform, so they look for opportunities to shop nearby in an appropriate atmosphere. As the ones responsible for the household and the family, they are extremely price- and quality-conscious. Because of its store assistants’ great advisory skills, NKD enjoys the trust of a large customer base. This is reflected in a purchasing rate per shop visit that is above average compared with the market.


  • predominantly female
  • 30 to 64 years
  • responsible for the household and family
  • locally connected
  • quality- and price-conscious

By continuously expanding its product range, NKD is comprehensively addressing the needs of its core target group. Special clothing segments for teenagers and sports enthusiasts, and new themes and sizes are providing an increasingly broad product range from a single source, inviting young and old alike to come and shop. This will strengthen the company’s position as a full-range provider and local retailer for the whole family in the long term.

This is what makes us NKD

NKD wins its customers over by providing excellent shopping advice, a warm atmosphere, a diverse range of products and great offers at low prices. This is how the clothing discounter has been able to strengthen its position as a full-range provider and local retailer for the whole family.

NKD is the best value textile discounter in Central Europe.

NKD is by your side with advice – and not just when it comes to fashion.
NKD is always there for its customers, be it in-house, online or on the phone.
NKD inspires confidence with quality and promises fashionable security.
NKD beautifies the home with great ideas at low prices.
Customers rate the friendliness of NKD’s sales assistants with an A+.