NKD in numbers

Roughly 8,000 employees work towards NKD’s success every day. Whether in administration, logistics or in its 1,800 stores Europe-wide – they all have one goal in common: happy customers.



Sales in 2018

Average sales growth p.A. (2014 – 2018)

The textile discounter has increased its sales over the past three years by an average of 4.7 percent (CAGR 2014 to 2018) per year and has therefore grown faster than the market. In 2018, NKD achieved a turnover of more than 698 million Euros.

Sustainable business development

Financial figures

  • 2018: around EUR 698 million in sales
  • EBITDA for 2018: EUR 45.1 million
  • Average sales growth of 4.7 per cent (CAGR 2014 to 2018) per year
  • A 18.0-per cent increase in sales per unit area since 2014


  • Around 1,800 stores in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia), of those around 1,300 stores in Germany
  • Online delivery retail in Germany and Austria predominantly using Click&Collect

New Logistics

  • Truck fleet: 27 own trucks for deliveries with a focus on Germany
  • Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia are supplied by external haulers
  • Weekly supply of the stores; up to 20 stores per tour
  • Throughput of the goods increased to 30 mio. pick units per year
  • approximately 40 to 45% of the total goods are transported through the own fleet, 55 to 60% by external haulers

Annual report