2021: Opening of the 2000th NKD store

March 2019: TDR Capital to acquire NKD Group from OpCapita

November 2013: Acquisition by the European Finance Investor OpCapita

Inauguration of the new logistics center in Bindlach near Bayreuth

50th Anniversary

Opening of the 1,600th NKD branch with 7,000 employees

Opening of the first branch in Croatia

Opening of the first branch in Slovenia

Start of the NKD-Onlineshop

Opening of first branch in Italy

Renaming of the 230 Austrian TPS branches in NKD

Expansion to Austria by taking over around 100 branches of Herz TPS Austria

The new administrative building in Bindlach is being moved into

Opening of 500th NKD branch

Opening of 250th branch

Construction of the 30,000 qm warehouse in Bindlach near Bayreuth (Upper Franconia)

Burkard Hellbach opens the first NK Discount sales branch in Essen-Rüttenscheid