NKD, a promise

Since the company’s founding in 1962, the name NKD has stood for “Niedrig Kalkuliert Discount” (“Low Calculated Discount”). This is a promise that holds true. With a successful turnaround and its positioning as a value retailer for the whole family, NKD provides quality at affordable prices – and will continue to do so in the future.

The NKD aspiration

People who look out for affordable prices will still be able to expect products of excellent quality – this is the promise that NKD’s customers can rely on. NKD lives up to its quality promise by regularly reviewing the way its suppliers manufacture their products and controlling its own in-house manufacturing quality. Here, NKD works with international certified testing institutes and laboratories as well.

Social responsibility is an essential part of NKD’s business conduct. NKD has its own regional offices in Bangladesh and China that are run by Sun Fortune Ltd. (based in Hong Kong). So NKD can organise procurement locally in the important Asian supplier markets. Other important procurement countries are Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Turkey and suppliers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

For NKD, treating natural resources and the local environment carefully and gently while ensuring HIGH PRODUCT AND QUALITY STANDARDS is also part of its corporate responsibility.

The company’s Code of Conduct illustrates NKD’s goals of treating people and the environment respectfully, fairly and responsibly. As a guideline, this code is binding for all employees of the NKD Group and its suppliers.

NKD Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and accountability.

Social Responsibility

As an internationally operating company, a corporate culture of diversity, regardless of nationality, age and gender, is self-evident to us.

We believe that our employees can develop their strengths optimally in an open and tolerant work environment. Especially in the diversity of our employees, we see the potential for new impulses and innovative ideas.

In this way, our employees have contributed crucially to the success and entrepreneurial dynamic of NKD for more than 50 years.

Our Engagement

To protect nature and continuously improve working conditions, NKD is actively committed to environmental and social standards.

NKD has been a member of the PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE TEXTILES since 2014. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles is committed to a social, ecological, and corruption-free textile and clothing industry – an industry that respects the rights of all employees, protects the climate and the environment, and acts with integrity and within planetary boundaries. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles is based on the fundamental international agreements of the UN on compliance with Human- and Labor rights, on environmental protection and on the prevention of corruption, as well as on the corresponding guidelines and initiatives of the EU. To achieve its goals, the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles places particular emphasis on the implementation of corporate due diligence in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

As a member of AMFORI, NKD contributes to the continuous development of labor and social standards along the global supply chain as part of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and BEPI (Business Environmental Performance Initiative).

NKD Group GmbH has been a member of the ASSOCIATION OF NON-FOOD IMPORTERS – GERMAN IMPORTERS since 2006. ANFI – German Importers supports the SocialFair2022 initiative.

NKD systematically renounces real fur and is a member of the INTERNATIONAL FUR FREE RETAILER PROGRAM, which was founded by the Fur Free Alliance, an association of over 40 animal welfare organizations worldwide. In Germany, the program is represented by the animal welfare organization VIER PFOTEN (engl. FOUR PAWS).

NKD Group GmbH has been supporting the UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN’S EDUCATION PROGRAM (UCEP) in Bangladesh since 2018. UCEP offers children and adolescents second chance education and vocational training to improve socio-economic conditions and thus create a basis for a sustainable future.

Inexpensive with a good feeling

It is always our aim to offer you good products at an unbeatable price. We pay particular attention to responsible production conditions, fair conditions for our suppliers, products low in pollution and the most environmentally friendly extraction of our raw materials.

We are only at the beginning of many processes – but we have a firm goal to continuously improve in these areas. So that our path to a more sustainable future can be checked by our customers, we are increasingly relying on internationally recognized standards.

This is good for the skin
and the environment


An NKD article with this label guarantees a high level of product safety. Because with this globally uniform pollutant management system, textile products are checked for their harmlessness to health as part of constant laboratory tests. All components of an article must meet the strict OEKO TEX test criteria. Starting with the sewing thread through the coating, the outer fabric to the appliqué and the zipper. These criteria are even stricter for baby and children’s goods, for example. In many cases, the limit values set for Standard 100 go beyond national and international legal requirements.

NKD wants you to trust us in every respect. Our increased use of the human-ecological seal STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is another important building block.


Organic cotton makes a sustainable contribution to the environment and is particularly kind to the skin. Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are not used in cultivation. Due to the resource-saving cultivation according to the guidelines of organic farming, we are relying more and more on organic cotton.

NKD wants you to trust us in every respect.


We support the environmentally friendly production of our textiles. In the long term, we also rely on the use of recycled materials. Because by reusing materials we can contribute to saving resources and reducing waste. We are already using recycled polyester to manufacture textile products wherever possible.


Lyocell fibers from the TENCEL™ brand convince with a new standard of sustainability. They are obtained from renewable raw materials and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. Since TENCEL™ fibers consist exclusively of natural materials, they are also completely biodegradable. In addition, the cool material makes it comfortable to wear.

TENCEL™ is a brand of Lenzing AG.