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Our continuously new selection (“New every week”) of current fashion – at unbelievably good prices – targets customers seasonally and by using fashion trends. NKD provides a full product range for the whole family. In the last three years, NKD has permanently expanded its product range – for example, with the addition of fashion for sporting enthusiasts and teenagers – and has a wide range of products on offer for the whole family. Practical merchandise and beautiful textiles for the home round off the range together with alternating promotional items from the divisions home accessories, toys, household wares, electronic devices and gift items. Regular promotions with brand stars and current trends target new customer groups.

A high conversion rate per shop visit and the stores’ increasing sales figures are a confirmation of the appeal of our product range. Our stores’ sales per unit area have grown by 29.7 per cent since 2014.

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Our range of products

High product and quality standards

NKD continuously and responsibly develops its product range in line with high social and environmental standards within the supplier chain. For example, NKD has expanded its product range, in particular in the baby, underwear and hosiery divisions, with items that have GOTS or Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification.

Moreover, NKD is addressing the needs of customers who are increasingly environmentally aware with its quality brand Liegelind.

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NKD in-house brands

With more than 10 active in-house brands, NKD provides a diverse product range for the whole family – from fashion, sport, children’s and baby clothing to accessories. Seasonally alternating fashion and special promotions continuously create an appealing shopping experience. Regularly including brand stars in the product range increases its attractiveness and reflects current trends.

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