Sep 05
Gut gebrüllt: Produkte aus „die Höhle der Löwen“ bei NKD

Well roared: Products from “Die Höhle des Löwen” at NKD

Bindlach, September 2017 – An attractive deal for all NKD customers: The product-hits from the popular VOX-founder program “Die Höhle des Löwen” are now available at NKD stores as well as around the clock in the NKD Online shop.

A TV success format that inspires and products that cause a sensation: Since 5th September 2017 courageous company founders at VOX again present innovative product ideas in twelve episodes and advertise the favor with the jury. Selected articles, which emerge victoriously from the popular TV format and find an investor, can now directly after the show be bought by customers at NKD. Registered customers will first learn when and which products are available at NKD. All that is needed is to subscribe to the newsletter under NKD.COM. The offer is available both in the stores as well as in the 24-hour open Online Shop while stocks last.

NKD always surprises its customers again and again and takes care of special features in its weekly changing assortment with campaigns like “Die Höhle des Löwen”. Already last year NKD sold attractive articles from DHDL extremely successfully. The products were very popular and some were already sold out within hours.

Accompanying measures, like advertising inserts, POS-material, consumer newsletters, banners in the Online shop and Facebook posts ensure on- and offline presence.