NKD, a promise

Since the company’s founding in 1962, the name NKD has stood for “Niedrig Kalkuliert Discount” (“Low Calculated Discount”). This is a promise that holds true. With a successful turnaround and its positioning as a value retailer for the whole family, NKD provides quality at affordable prices – and will continue to do so in the future.

The NKD aspiration

People who look out for affordable prices will still be able to expect products of excellent quality – this is the promise that NKD’s customers can rely on. NKD lives up to its quality promise by regularly reviewing the way its suppliers manufacture their products and controlling its own in-house manufacturing quality. Here, NKD works with international certified testing institutes and laboratories as well.
General Buying Conditions
Supplier Manual

Social responsibility is an essential part of NKD’s business conduct. NKD has its own regional offices in India, Bangladesh and China that are run by Sun Fortune Ltd. (based in Hong Kong). So NKD can organise procurement locally in the important Asian supplier markets. Other important procurement countries are Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Turkey and suppliers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

For NKD, treating natural resources and the local environment carefully and gently while ensuring high product and quality standards is also part of its corporate responsibility.

Weltkarte mit Zuliefermärkten
The company’s Code of Conduct illustrates NKD’s goals of treating people and the environment respectfully, fairly and responsibly. As a guideline, this code is binding for all employees of the NKD Group and its suppliers.
Download Code of Conduct (PDF)
Download BSCI Code of Conduct (PDF)

Social Responsibility

As an internationally operating company, a corporate culture of diversity, regardless of nationality, age and gender, is self-evident to us.

We believe that our employees can develop their strengths optimally in an open and tolerant work environment. Especially in the diversity of our employees, we see the potential for new impulses and innovative ideas.

In this way, our employees have contributed crucially to the success and entrepreneurial dynamic of NKD for more than 50 years.

In order to protect the environment and continuously improve working conditions, NKD is also involved in advancing environmental and social standards as part of a programme being promoted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Since 2014, NKD has been a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. As a member of the Amfori, NKD actively contributes to developing working standards and social standards in the international supply chain as part of the BSCI. Employees in the CSR department are trained and certified according to internationally recognised standards (e.g. SA 8000).